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Draftsight 2019 SP1

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  • Fixes an error of failed to load modules where DraftSight® is not starting after launching in Windows O/S.
  • Improves stability to avoid random crash of DraftSight with Linux Ubuntu machine.
  • Enhances Home palette to be displayed properly in 3D modelling workspace.
  • Fixes an issue in Linux O/S of DraftSight where arc gets placed in opposite direction.
  • Makes available all DraftSight Premium 3D tools and 2D constraints features for 30-day free trial.
  • Fixes the problem where DWF files cannot be opened using DraftSight 2019 with GEOVIA Surpac.
  • Enhances dimension palette behavior to help users to get the pop up out of the way.
  • Removes a misleading message about DSHomeByMe.dll and ImageTracer.dll detected but not loaded at command prompt while starting the DraftSight Standard application.
  • Improves stability on some computers with specific Intel graphics cards/driver combination to avoid crashing or hanging.
  • Fixes an issue where the Image Tracer functionality is not available in Professional, Premium, Enterprise or Enterprise Plus versions after the installation.
  • Improves the accuracy of magnetic point acquired and snap when drawing over referenced image.
  • Correct the behavior of shortcut buttons in 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse Enterprise call corresponding command twice.
  • Improves stability of DraftSight to avoid crashing after using command Ctrl+A (Select all) for attached file.
  • Enhances Web Help for Toolbox menus.
  • Enhances Image Tracer preview to show in the layer color.
  • Rectifies to the correct Y-axis and Z-axis behavior of 3Dconnexion mouse.
  • Fixes the issue of exporting PDF option leads to an error for DraftSight in Linux Fedora 29 machine.
  • Improves Image Tracer icon to appear sharp and not blurry in classic workspace compare to Drafting and Annotation workspace.
  • Fixes the tooltip issue of HomeByMe appears to be cropped in foreign language.
  • Enhances HomeByMe HBM: All options in HBM pane need to have tooltips.
  • Fixes an issue where 3DConnexion mouse does not work or function properly.
  • Updates help file with hatch trim functionality.
  • Improves stability of DraftSight with SOLIDWORKS PDM to avoid crashes while check-in drawing with reference in.
  • Improves performance on drawings created in other DWG file application due to internal referenced entities that cannot be removed.


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